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Customer update


To all of our wonderful customers,

Many of you would of seen the announcement to open SoftPlay Centres from Saturday 15th August. To be able to open the Government have published in depth guidance on the reopening. The guidance is very clear that we must adhere and comply with it. Please see our site updates below for further information. 

To stay up to date, please keep an eye out on our Facebook page for further information at this time.


 Unfortunately Wear M Out Maidstone have had to make the decision to not reopen permanently. The new guidance is very in depth and the operation of the centre would not be how you knew it. The changes would include much reduced capacity and pre booked only, changes to the play frame with the removal of any items that are not fixed and new ventilation systems to name a few. Without any financial help from the government but Landlords demanding full rent and ongoing overhead costs the business is no longer viable.



The way in which Soft Play Centres will have to operate for the foreseeable future is not as simple as just opening the doors on Saturday & it being how you knew it. There are many changes to the way we now have to operate with much reduced capacity and stringent cleaning and operating procedures.
The guidance and changes are going to take some time to go through so for now we will be remaining closed until we are in a position to open safely and within the new parameters.